Recalling the Day We Struck Gold

Our roots run deep in north-central Iowa, where local farmers banded together in 1908 to form the Farmers Elevator Company of Goldfield. From those humble beginnings, Gold-Eagle Cooperative has been united for more than 30 years to serve area growers’ needs.

On September 1, 1983, the merger of the Farmers Elevator Company of Goldfield and Farmers Cooperative Company of Eagle Grove unleashed the power of partnerships. Creating value has long been an inherently cooperative process at Gold-Eagle, which expanded to include:

  • Renwick Farmers Cooperative, 1991
  • Livermore Farmers Cooperative Elevator Company, 1992
  • Corwith Community Cooperative, 1996
  • Farmers Society of Wesley and Titonka, March 2002
  • Hardy Cooperative Elevator of Hardy and Thor, August 2002

Our largest growth year occurred in 2019 when North Central Cooperative’s membership voted in favor of a unification with Gold-Eagle. On October 1, 2019, North Central’s Clarion, Holmes, Kanawha, Hutchins, Woden, and Galt Feedmill locations and membership became a welcome addition to Gold-Eagle Cooperative.

Adding value

In July of 2004, we moved in a new direction when we launched an equity drive to build an ethanol plant in Goldfield. After raising the necessary equity, CORN, LP broke ground in October 2004. December 2005, ethanol production began at the plant, which consumes roughly 60,000 bushels (400 acres) of corn per day and has 40 full-time employees.

Thanks to the corn requirements of CORN, LP, and our feed operations, Gold-Eagle consumes all of the corn our members produce. In today’s agricultural world, adding value to our members’ grain creates a golden relationship.

We invite you to discover the cooperative difference at Gold-Eagle and be part of our future.